06 Tips to Make Your Website Attractive in 2019!!

Make Your Website Attractive

What is the best way to make your website attractive? Everyone searches for this query on Google and tries to find their answer. Yes, Google in this 21st century has become a great mean to solve any problem but it has one major drawback and that is the answer you get is quite generalized.

The reason is simple, there are too many websites or links trying to answer this query and finding a right one which satisfies your needs is quite complex task.

Another reason is, old articles, with old research.

Its no new thing to know that tech is updating every year, and, as each year passes on its getting more and more incredible and amazing. And that’s not a different thing with the web development technology.

As amazing and incredible each websites and apps look, people tend to think, “Hey, how can i make website or app look like that?” and then they ultimately end up researching on Google with the queries like “How to make your website attractive” or “How to make your website or app look elegant and cool” and in return they find the old articles which are not keeping up with the updated era of technology.

So, with that being said, here is our fresh take on this particular query.

Top 06 tips to make your website attractive

Now before we begin, please keep in mind that this is not an in-depth article on “UI Development“, this article is more like a palette cleanser to help you develop a more clear aesthetic vision for the design of your website or any other product.

#Tip No. 01 – Get Inspired from the visionary

When you think of a great visionary that shaped the era of personal computing for the people of 21st century then “Steve Jobs” is the one that comes to your mind. Now some people will comment that he was not the greatest but the point is, its not whether he is great or not.

The point lies in the simplicity of the designs of his products, the way he made them look and feel premium. Though almost every Apple product was designed by Jony Ive and his team, it was Steve jobs who inspired them and gave the approval on the final look and that’s the part of the reason why Apple products were considered as the greatest.

Clean and Simple But Premium
Clean and Simple But Premium

Once you understand that, it becomes simple. Today’s design standards for the computing products are inspired from the aesthetic and premium looks of the Apple products and that has even affected the Web development, App development and Software development fields.

The designers are approaching for more cleaner and premium look and you should take the same route and add your own touch to the trend.

Here are some facts for “Why clean and premium look is great for the web design?”.

  • Clean design helps readers to focus on the content as it affects the 70% of the readability rate and improves session time.


  • Google likes it! Their newly introduced material design 2.0 standards focuses more on the interactive part but they are emphasizing on clean & premium feel even more.


  • Get your math formula right :- Good design + Good content = More visitors.


  • Every other company that runs their business via Smartphone App or Websites is approaching the minimalist way.


  • Clean and Premium look or the minimalist way for websites works especially great for the startups who want to give premium feel to their brand.

With that being said we move forward with our second tip to make your website attractive.

#Tip No. 02 – Using illustrations to make it more appealing

Use of illustrations on website to make your website attractive
Use of illustrations on website to make your website attractive

Now if you try to research about trendy website designs, then you will notice that majority of web designers are using cool illustration along with minimalist look to make their website feel more premium. To make your website attractive you can also use illustrations in your websites.

But why illustrations? you might wonder…. So here are some facts and figures for you. 

  • Studies show that attractive visual grabs attention faster than the usual text. You can also see this example in daily life, kids like reading picture books and what’s the reason of that? its obvious ,”The cool pictures”, the more attractive pictures used in the books, the more it attracts them and because of that their learning percentage increases. illustrations works the same way and that’s why web designers nowadays have started using illustrations in their projects.


  • When people read or hear information, they are likely to remember 10% of the information. However once you paired the textual content with a relevant image people are likely to retain 65% of the information even after few days have passed on. With videos the impact can last even longer and you are able to remember information for even the longer period time.


  • Why are icons used? that’s because people follow visual directions even better, if you are in the middle of somewhere and you saw the two boards that tells you to go at the same direction but one of them has written instructions while the other board has “Drawn arrows and Left or right text” which one are you going to follow? the board “which has arrows and text on it” right? That’s because our human eyes are programmed to catch more bold, attractive and appealing things.

illustrations are created based on this scientific foundation.

Hence combining this scientific foundation with a colorful and catchy design illustrations and trigger an emotional instinct and can impact the viewer.

Because of this reason brands are more than enough willing to use illustrations for their project, their own websites, ads and even smartphone application as this increases people’s trust and grabs people’s attention even more. Thus ultimately helping improve the overall brand awareness.

All these facts and figures mentioned above tells why illustrations are important. And thus its proved why illustrations works great with websites!!.

If you’re into web design and know your way with the tools like Adobe XD and Adobe illustrator then you can design your own illustrations. However, if you don’t know what to make and you are doing it for the first time, then don’t worry we got you covered for that part.

We are delivering high quality graphical assets for web developers who are not into graphic designs and want some quick commercial illustrations that are easy to use and integrate.

Krayoncraft - Graphics and illustrations for you
Krayoncraft – Graphics and illustrations for you

There are some amazing and cool illustrations and Web components and Web icons designed by us that you can definitely use for your project do check out our work at Krayoncraft work.

#Tip No. 03 – Limiting the use of colors to make your website attractive

Limiting the use of colors might not sound the best possible tip at one point. But trust us, because, it is one of the best thing to do! Why? let’s do some research.

Check out the websites of these famous people on the internet:-

Now tell me what’s common thing in the websites of these three people? Its the color work on their website. You see these people created website using colors which is obvious but their range of colors is from 2-3 i.e they just used 2 or 3 colors on their websites. Now you might wonder what’s the reason for that?

The less the better
The less the better

More colors are likely to hinder visitors and can also cause visibility problems. So to keep it short and simple, more the colors, more the result you will get is, negative. Hence keep the combination of the colors till the range of three.

#Tip No. 04 – The not so secret formula? and Keep practicing on your mock-up designs

Now in the above Tip No.03 we did mentioned to limit the use of multiple colors, however, if you don’t know how you can make your color combinations more appealing then nothings going to change. Well allow us to help you in that part also.

Right now, we are going to share with you a not so secret formula which will help you master the art of color combinations in no time.

Get the colors right
Get the colors right

Take a look at this website – on this website we have used the combination of Yellow, Black, Light Grey, White and Blue (Blue color for links and highlighting the heading tags) and we have combined it in a way that it won’t hurt your eyes.

So the strategy is using the combination of two bold and three light colors together, instead of using the combination of bold colors together.

(Although earlier we did said to keep the limit of color range to 3 but here we are extending it to 5, the reason is because we have used more light colors the ratio is 2:3 where 2 is for bold colors with high contrast and 3 is for light or thin colors with low contrast).

There is no particular name to this strategy but, but if we were to name it then we will call it “Two bold and Three light colors” well this this formula name sounds right.

Once you have remembered this strategy time to apply it.

Its best to first try it on your mockup designs, you can use Adobe XD tool to create some awesome website mockups and try the color combination strategy.

#Tip No. 05 – Understand the use of fonts to make your website attractive

Stop underestimating the fonts!!, lot of people think good design only comprises of Minimalist design standards and proper use of simple colors.

However, that’s not true, we think and i bet all designers think that fonts play the most pivotal role in making the website look more attractive and appealing and they are the ones that make the entire design of website complete. Well it doesn’t have to be website but when it comes to fonts their role is the most important one because fonts work everywhere…

Why good fonts are so important for a design?

To answer this question and to get you all explained we will take examples of “Steve Jobs” once again. If you have read the book on steve jobs and has watched the documentaries made on him then you must know that Jobs was inspired by calligraphy a lot and because of that inspiration, he introduced the fonts and its different styles and set in his Apple computers and revolutionized the entire industry.

And now today we see multiple fonts which comes in multiple different style.

Fonts are important to make your website attractive
Fonts are important to make your website attractive

The set of fonts that Jobs introduced in his Apple products and the way how he made his product beautiful and feel premium even with fonts, are the one that are shaping the era of tech industry even today.

Now user interface is the #1 priority in determining the fact whether the product is good or not and fonts are part of that too. Hence fonts are the most important ones, yet many people tend to ignore them.

How to properly use the fonts.

Once again you need to use the combination here. First, use only 1 font in your project and apply it with a combination of Bold, Regular & Light or Thin.

In other words, the heading should be bold, title and should be regular and textual content should be light or thin.

If you want to understand this formula properly, then again Take a look at this website and its font combination. You will understand what we are talking about.

On this website we have used only one “Roboto font” but we have used the combination of its multiple shades.

#Tip No. 06 – Appropriate combination of box shadow and flat design style

This is the final tip through which you can make your website attractive.

The tip is quite simple and all you need to do is combine the flat design style with the box shadow and use it appropriately.

However, that’s not going to happen easily, so once again you have to go back to the drawing board and with Adobe XD tool you can keep practicing your mockup design and master this art.

Wrapping up

That’s it for today, we hope that we have covered enough and have answered all the queries for you readers.

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If you have any questions you can comment it down below, we will try to answer those with the best of our ability.

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