Krayoncraft – What it is for and What’s its purpose

Krayoncraft introduction

Krayoncraft is a initiative by the company to support developer community and corporate organizations, brands, ad agency, news media outlets by delivering them premium quality graphical illustrations and components  for their project, presentations and any other work that requires top-quality graphic designed accessories.

The background

The initiative is started by¬†Krytech Web Security Solutions Pvt.Ltd as mentioned in our “about us” section of the website. If you are interested in checking out what our parent company does feel free to check out as we provided the link which is right above.

The illustrations provided here belong to the most common categories that are almost used all the time. However, we chose to deliver the same products to you with our own creative approach. We believe “Graphic design” is an art and “Graphic Designer is an artist and hence with our own taste in the Graphic design we have made sure that these products which you will purchase will suit your work, presentation or any project you do.

Krayoncraft product list

Our products include all the following things :

  • Digital Components to give your work a new feel, these are available in three different styles which include :-
    • Multicolor Theme
    • Material Design Badge Theme
    • Panda Colored Theme
  • Hand drawn illustrations for beautifying the background of your work or project.

Currently on our website there are 20+ product, however, in the future we will increase the number of categories of products thus allowing and extending our support to other industries making this initiative versatile and multi-purpose oriented.

We also provide direct approach service. That means if you don’t want the product from our store than you can just fill a service contact form and our executives will get back to you in no time. Here is the link – Hire us now.

All the products on this website is hand-crafted with love and took over 5000+ hours of hard work.

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