Increase website traffic using illustrations in 2020

Increase website traffic using illustrations

Increase website traffic, we know that if you’re a blogger or ecommerce website owner then you must’ve encountered this query countless of times.

Then you must’ve noticed, almost all the answers on the Google tells you to work on your On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO and content.

After that they will tell you some unique strategies to leverage your organic traffic.

Its not that the strategies they give you doesn’t work, in fact those strategies work quite well.

However, there are not much people who will tell you how “Images in the blog post” are important to boost the traffic.

Most of them will only phrase it in the following way – “You can create using attractive images for your blog posts using canva to make your content catchy”.

However its not that easy as you think.

Creating catchy and relevant images for blog posts requires a creative insight and these SEO experts who are guiding you have years of experience under belt hence they are quite used to their industry and know how they can create appropriate images for their blog post.

This is not something that you can achieve overnight or instantly, you need a brief amount of experience unless and until you can create satisfactory images for your blog post.

And if you aren’t doing it properly, your quest to increase website traffic gets affected badly and in return you might see a significant decrease in the traffic.

So with that being said let’s move forward and see how you can increase website traffic using illustrations.

Increase website traffic using illustrations

Now before we begin with the entire process, and before we start to explain few things to you, allow us to inform you that this isn’t a guide that will help you to hone and develop your creative insight. It is something, that you can improve only with trial and errors.

We will lend you a hand in getting the gist of everything that you need to know about the creative process in the background. In other words you can call it a cheat sheet for writing a creative content with a bonus of learning how to create appropriate images for the content.

Also let us supply you with some necessary tools to create awesome images for your blog post.

These are the same things that we used to create images for our own blog posts.

  1. Hand crafted illustrations
  2. Material design based badges
  3. Multicolored components
  4. Panda color theme components
  5. Web Icons
  6. Canva

Now lets move towards the actual thing…

#1 – Starting a conversation with your readers using the content you write

Always start writing your content as if you are having a conversation with the reader itself. This intent alone will automatically create a starting point or bunch of holes which later you can fill them with the illustrative images.

Fortunately its not as hard as you think it is.

Think of it like starting a debate, if you’re in a room with a couple of people who are busy with their smartphones and not having a conversation, then how would you feel?

Honestly, it feels pretty boring right? at a time like this what you do is spark a debate with something that will catch their attention.

Once you have their attention on you, then you start to speak and then people start having a conversation.

Start conversation to increase website traffic
Start conversation to increase website traffic

We think writing a blog post is similar to that, if you look at the nature of this article itself, you will notice that the language we used in this article is not technical.

In fact its quite easy to understand and feels a lot more natural. This kind natural writing of content engages more users and since its easy to read and ultimately it helps you to gain more shares.

Now you might be wondering that, till now – “Content writing” is playing major role here, so where illustrations play their part in all this?

Illustration plays the role of spicing up the content.

The rest of the textual content of the blog post puts a finishing touch to the entire content. This in return helps you to create a successful interaction with your readers.

Having a tough time to understand, then you must checkout this formula:-

Breakdown of a formula that you can use (Cheat Sheet No.01)

The part one of the first point of this cheat sheet is starting a conversation with the readers. The second part of the first point of this cheat involves the following procedure:-

Use of interactive illustration and images with human figures or any object to emphasize the importance of what you are writing. Now if you don’t understand what we are trying to say, take a look at this rough chart that we have made for you.

Chart of using interactive image to increase website traffic
Chart of using interactive image to increase website traffic

In this above chart, you can see that we have differentiated the overall content, and, one more thing that you must pay attention to that even though the content is same we have divide it into two different parts with two different colors.

Why did we do it?

This is to show that even though the content is on one single topic, at some point the paragraph changes and the content goes deeper into the explanation, with this the nature of the content changes as well and at that point the image you need to use should reflect that nature too.

When you use interactive images relevant to the nature of the paragraph, the importance of that particular paragraph doubles and generates more curiosity in the reader’s mind and it forces the user to engage into the content.

#2 – To increase website traffic sometimes its better to use less words and more descriptive illustrations

Everyone’s favorite digital marketer Neil Patel once said that creating “Infographics only” blog posts will lead to good amount of social shares.

Ever wonder why is that possible? because the infographics are interactive and couple of words combined with interactive illustrations result into better understanding.

There are many more reasons that we have mentioned for why illustrations are beneficial for website, is in the earlier blog post that we did last week. And so the blog post that we did last week is based on the following topic – “Top six ways you can make your website attractive in 2019“.

If you want to read it completely feel free to do so.

However, in that particular post we have mentioned that people tend to remember graphical instruction more longer than your usual textual instructions.

That’s because graphical data tends to impact your mind compared to the textual data and this is the reason why infographics are become popular more and more.

Use descriptive images to increase website traffic
Use descriptive images to increase website traffic

Which is why we suggest you to do this (Cheat sheet No. 02).

Every single time its not easy to write long content (1000-5000 words), some content can just end in 600 to 700 words.

Many content writers as well as bloggers worry what to write, because according to many SEO experts writing long content has beneficial effects.

If it was like that in reality, Neil patel’s “Infographics only” posts would not have become one of the key pillars to support his rankings.

So here what you need to do is, write a blog post with less words and combine it with more descriptive illustrations or images.

This will help you to overcome the problem of lack of words.

If you use more descriptive illustrations or images and combine it with your informational content then it will help you gather same amount of visitors which you get on your longer content.

We have explained this in point no. 01 but we will say it here once again, the use of descriptive illustrations or images will emphasize the importance of what you have written.

With that being said lets move towards our third point which is the most important one out of all the points.

#3 – Story is the most important thing you should focus on

In the first two points we suggested you to work on having a conversation through content with the use of textual content and descriptive images.

In this point we would like you to work on the story behind your content.

Never forget to write a story
Never forget to write a story

Good illustrations and Good content will only work together if they have a proper pattern behind them and story on which they are based.

If you have a good story backing your content the illustrations that you will use in your blog post will become more effective.

So you need to always focus on the story.


This is the pattern that you need to follow (Cheat sheet No.03).

  • Intro
  • What is this content about?
  • For what purpose you’re writing this content?
  • Have you (the author) encountered the same problem before?
  • Solutions to solve the problems (With proof like statistical data, proof will usually depend on the type of the content).
  • What happen if you will not do the following things (Depending on the content)
  • Pros (Depending on the content)
  • Cons (Depending on the content)
  • Wrapping up
  • Outro (If necessary)

If you have this pattern for your content, cater a story around it, write it like you are having a conversation with the readers of your blog and then finally combine it with interactive images then you will have an awesome piece of content for your readers.

If you want to increase your website traffic then this is one of the best thing you can do.

Always remember one thing, through your website you’re sharing your knowledge and experience and people who are reading your blog will always like to learn the background story of your post. That’s why telling a story is important thing to do because with the knowledge and experience you are also conveying your emotions to the readers.


Now that you know the entire gist of how to incorporate illustrations on your blog post, then here is a “Bonus tip” for you.

Try using illustrations in your forms.

Whether its a contact form, subscription form or comment form. This will add a personal touch to your blog and will help you to convert readers into your followers.

Wrapping up

That’s it for now, hope you like this article. Please feel free to subscribe Krayoncraft if you need more such informative articles.


Also if you have any queries feel free to comment it down below.

And yes don’t forget to share this article and help others too!!…

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